Symbolism of several trees

Dear friends,

 Some of you have already successfully tried my method of respiratory self-relaxation. In the second part of the session, during the positive visualisation phase, I guide each person towards his or her secret garden. Then I invite them to head towards a specific tree that they are spontaneously drawn to. Today, therefore, I would like to speak about the symbolism of trees that goes far back into the ages. Here is the subtle meaning of some of our faithful, silent life- companions: 

The apple tree
 It may not seem to be, but it is the tree of Paradise. The serpent coils itself around its very hard trunk, promising Knowledge of Good and Evil. And Eve seduces Adam under its foliage.  The emperors and rulers of this world considered its beautiful, round, shiny fruit, with lovely red cheeks, as a symbol of their domination over the whole world. Apples are the fruit of vitality, but are often a dangerous synonym of immortality. They are however the most beautiful symbol of how long love and friendship last, beyond death itself. If you are a woman born under the sign of the apple (between December 23rd and January 1st or June 25th and July 4th), you will spread a lot of love around you, whereas if you are a man born between those dates, you will more probably be a sensualist, enjoying the joy of being in love. Thus you will be envied, but you will also be an indestructible friend, who will always get out of any situation successfully. 

The willow tree
This is the tree of discernment;  It stands on the river bank, with its long dangling branches, lulled by the gentle lapping of the water. It is the tree of the joy of living, urging man to look for it and telling him where it is. People born between March 3rd and 10th or September 3rd and 10th are born under the sign of the willow: they are very strongly motivated by a thirst, an urge for renewal. They find their strength in Mother Nature. These people are extremely sensitive and honest and they know how to inspire hope and confidence in other people. They oscillate between sadness and faith in the future. But even so, they are not weak; they are brilliant communicators. It is no coincidence if Alexander G. Bell, who invented the telephone, was born under this sign. It is the sign of melancholy as well, but it also has the power to make you joyful again, even more vividly so.

The hazel tree
 This tree has the reputation of keeping evil away from human beings. Since the Stone Age, i.e. 10000 years, it has offered them its tasty fruit, full of albumin and vegetable oil, food which is good for both the body and the mind. It is the tree of the White Goddess, the secret   Being of the Celtic religion, who brings love, well-being and fertility. People born between March 22nd and 31st or September 24th and October 3rd are born under the sign of the hazel tree. They are sensible and sociable, open-minded, sincere and willing, and usually work for other people’s general well-being. The best people born under the sign of the hazel tree are those who do not buy ready- to- eat nuts, but pick them directly off the trees along the edge of  the woods and carefully break the shell with the appropriate stones. The hazel tree often lives in old gardens and its wood is hard and makes the best walking sticks. Its supple branches make the best sticks for the water diviner. This tree is deeply linked to the earth, water and stone, as are the natives of this sign, the lucky people!

The poplar tree
With its minutely swaying branches, this tree usually lives among its kind. It is hypersensitive and thus it is the tree that is most linked to feelings, as its leaves begin to move at the slightest breeze. People born between February 4th and 8th, May 1st and 14th and August 5th and 13th are born under this sign. They do not need to speak to understand each other. They are connected to other people, both physically and morally. The link is there, even if they travel. These people are tireless and active. They understand things quickly and can be very intuitive. People born under this sign are very sensitive to details, but are also capable of revealing strong feelings and performing great actions. Jules Verne and the futurologist, Robert Jungk, were born under the sign of the poplar tree, as were S.Freud, Axel Corti, James Dean and Andy Warhol. Furthermore, poplar trees do not encourage people to abandon what is already established. Poplar trees all turn resolutely together towards the future.

Autumn is just beginning and Mother Nature is adorning herself with superb colours, in turn purple, orange or gold. I particularily advise people who are suffering to go and pay a visit to the trees in their garden (their secret garden or their real garden) and I invite them to touch the trunk of the tree and stroke the bark. They will feel understood and comforted – deep down inside them.

I hope to speak to you soon

Helen Monnet