Jean-Pierre Soulier

JEAN-PIERRE SOULIER is a business coach and a trainer. He works with the Selfarmonia team to bring companies together in a French speaking context for M§As in middle sized companies.


He works with the manager of a firm and his team in situations of specific change or in special operational situations such as:

  • changes in working methods
  • changes in commercial approach
  • taking up a post
  • managing conflict; conducting meetings
  • team motivation
  • creativity

He also intervenes in written and oral communication, namely

  • Speaking in public
  • Using a strong diaporama

Working experience

Jean-Pierre Soulier has worked as commercial and operational manager, in the banking, computer and media sectors. His professional development includes selling products, services and complex projects to companies. Over the years, he has worked on M§As, totally innovating markets, companies in difficulty and important cultural changes.

Personal training

Certified coach C§T (Transformance Pro)
Intercultural coach (Rosinski and Co.)
Clarification Coach (European Institute of Clarification)
Certified Practitioner for Human Element (Schutz Company)