Helen Monnet

HELEN MONNET created Selfarmonia in 2009.

She has been co-working with individuals and firms in order they optimize their own potential to get more self-autonomy.


Fields of practice

At first HELEN works as a relaxologist and a trainor in relaxology for firm teams but also for individuals. She has been working with physicians who have sent her patients to help them to relax easily on their own. She teaches also health professionals and psychotherapists.
By now she is also working as a business coach for executives (top and middle management)


Her clients are mainly located  in Europe (France and Switzerland) but also in Asia in the fields of banking, insurance and energy


Since 2007 she graduated in sophrology in Paris – Institut de Sophrologie Caycedienne.

In March 2009 Helen was CCTI certified – CCTI is the French équivalent of MBTI – and is a consultant working in the field of compétence assessments or choice of a new life.

In June 2011 Helen was certified in intercultural Coaching by Philippe Rosinski, the worldwide specialist of the field (see and also as a ‘Human Element’ practioner by Ethan Schutz, Will Schutz’son and international specialist of team building (see

In September 2011 she was certified as a C&T coach by Vincent Lenhardt, who first introduced coaching in French firms (see

Finally Helen also graduated a 3 year cycle as an integrative psychotherapist at the Nouvelle Faculte Libre of Paris, directed by Jean-Michel Fourcade.