Alain Wang

As his name clearly shows, ALAIN WANG is both French and Chinese. He studied at universities in both countries (Political Science, Far Eastern Studies and intercultural training..). Since the early nineties, he has worked steadfastly at building bridges between France and China, whether on an economic or cultural level. 


Alain Wang is a lecturer at the Maison de la Chine in Paris and other French Institutions. He intervenes regularily on topical themes and has recently spoken on:

  • China and luxury
  • The rise of China in Europe
  • Chinese politics in Southern Asia over the past 20 years
  • Changes in the Chinese way of living
  • The rich in China


Working Experience

An exemplary teacher, Alain Wang has taught at the Ecole Centrale de Paris and the Institut Français de la Mode since 2001.
He is a talented coach and intercultural advisor and since 1992, he has regularly carried out working missions for important French firms (banks, retail industry, luxury trade, car industry..) on the managing of Chinese companies, as well as the negotiating with and selling to Asian customers.

Themes of his missions:

  • Chinese culture and mentalities
  • Landmarks in the Chinese world (China, Hongkong, Taiwan and Singapore): geography, history, society and economy...
  • Communicating with the Chinese (cultural, psychological and behavioural aspects)

Furthermore, Alain Wang is also a writer:

He is the main editor of Asia Magazine and also writes for Politique Internationale, Long Cours, Atlantica website.
He has written many books, the latest of which is:
“La Chine Nouvelle/The New China” (2012), published by Larousse, Collection Petite Encyclopédie